The Roadmap

milestones and timeframe of the Music Impact Study
Sept-Dec 2022
Comprehensive Literature study
We have analyzed scientifically relevant and highly ranked publications that examined the connection between background music and sales. As a result the literature study summarizes and evaluates the main findings about this topic.          
Our conclusion: almost all of the analyzed studies reported a positive effect of background music on time spent at the Point of Sale or on the purchase decision. But hardly any current study confirms a positive correlation between background music and sales figures and states concrete values.
DEC 2022 - oct 2023
Online surveys
We conducted comprehensive online surveys for gastronomers and retailers on different platforms to gain an insight into their experiences and approaches regarding background music inside their businesses. We wanted to understand how and why the choice of music is made and much more besides that. The analysis and evaluation of findings are conducted with regard to scientific aspects.
sept - nOV 2023
Interviews and focus groups with science and Experts
Let's talk music! The best insights usually are gained by direct conversation, don't they? That's why we talk to renowned international scientists about the effects of music. However, the practical perspective is also of high importance: That's why we additionally interview various practitioners who are professionals in the field of music: e.g., sound agencies or in-store radio stations. In order to get a 360 degree perspective on the topic, we also interview gastronomers, retailers and consumers. In this way, we ensure to gain exciting insights from both worlds - the scientific and the practical.
sept - DEC 2023
Empirical study at the point of sale
This study is the "heart" of our Music Impact study. Here we are conducting a large-scale empirical study with the market research institute Ipsos GmbH among around 150 companies from gastronomy and retail. Alternately, we let the participants play music or deliberately do without it in order to analyze the influence of background music (or its absence) on sales. To ensure that we take all scientific criteria into account, we work closely with an international team of scientific experts.
Jan-Mar 2024
Analysis and consolidation of data
A team of data analysts evaluate the data gained by the different approaches and merge them into one main conclusion.